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Prell Shampoo

Developed in 1947, Prell® shampoo is an iconic brand that has stood the test of time.  The benefits of Prell® are powerful and timeless, having been well-established over the years. 

Prell® is not a watered down shampoo so a little bit goes a long way to create a rich, thick lather. Simple, uncomplicated, and an exceptional value, Prell® produces clean, good-smelling, healthy-looking hair.


  • Natural body and fullness
  • No unwanted residue
  • Formulated to specifically give you a thick, rich lather that gently lifts away daily buildup like residue, dirt, oil and perspiration
  • Leaves hair looking healthy and shiny
  • Alcohol-free cleans your hair without causing dryness.
  • Prell rinses away easily, leaving you with healthy-looking, “squeaky” clean hair that is full of body and shine.


  • What is Prell shampoo?+

    Prell Shampoo is an exclusive water-based formula that is designed specifically to leave your hair ultra clean. This ultra-clean shampoo provides a thick, rich lather that gently lifts away daily build-up such as residue, dirt, oil, and perspiration.

  • When was Prell shampoo first introduced?+

    Prell Shampoo was introduced in 1947.

  • Is Prell a clarifying shampoo?+

    Prell is a clarifying shampoo that leaves your hair clean without the use of alcohol (which can have a drying effect on hair). Prell is water-based, which is a natural, gentle foundation for clean, healthy hair.

  • What is a clarifying shampoo and do I need one?+

    1. A clarifying shampoo actually cleans your hair by lathering and gently lifting residue, dirt, and oil from your scalp and strands. Shampoos that are not clarifying often leave deposits, making the problem even worse. A great clarifying shampoo will leave your hair healthy, full, smelling great...and most important of all, clean.
    2. A lot of things can contribute to build-up problems like all of the hair care products you regularly use - shampoo, conditioner, gel, hairspray, mousse, etc. Add to that perspiration, dirt, and oil and you’ve got a mess. All of this residue can prevent your scalp and hair from being as healthy and as beautiful as it can be.
  • Can I use Prell Shampoo every day?+

    You can use Prell every day or it can be alternated with other products. People who have oily, greasy or limp hair may want to use Prell on a daily basis. You may also want to regularly use Prell if you are are very active and your scalp perspires a good deal.

  • Can I use Prell Shampoo on my very wavy, curly hair?+

    Even though Prell shampoo is for all types of hair, it does some of its best work on thick and wavy hair