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Zincon Medicated Dandruff Shampoo

Zincon Medicated Dandruff Shampoo contains Zinc Pyrithione, an anti-fungal active ingredient that is commonly used to treat mild cases of seborrheic dermatitis. It’s the most widely used active ingredient on the market today, used in everything from Head and Shoulders to the cheapest dollar store brand shampoos.


  • Can Zincon be used on dyed or tinted hair?+

    Yes, but we sure to rince thoroughly to avoid any reactions with other hair care product.

  • Can Zincon be use on permed hair?+

    No, this is not recommended.

  • Can I use Zincon on oily hair?+


  • Can Zincon be used everyday?+

    Yes. However, some people may find that overuse of Zincon can lead to dry hair.

  • What is the shelf life of Zincon Shampoo?+

    24 months

  • Is Zincon Shampoo gluten free?+


  • Can Zincon shampoo be used when pregnant or breast-feeding?+

    We recommend that you consult with a physician about all products you should be using during pregnancy or breast-feeding.

  • What is the pH of Zincon?+

    The product's pH is between 7.0 and 8.0

  • Can Zincon that has frozen and thawed be used?+

    Once the product is thawed, it should be fine for use.  We suggest letting it thaw at room temperature and shake well before using.