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  What is the cause of patchy dark spots on my skin and what can I do to get rid of them?
  The technical name for those spots is melasma.  Most are caused by sun exposure, pregnancy (referred to as a pregnancy mask) and hormonal changes, sometimes caused by the use of birth control pills.  Melasma is a stubborn condition that is not simple to tackle. It can take weeks (sometimes months) for improvement to be seen. Persistance and patience along with a good treatment product is the key. Topical hydroquinone is a proven skin lightener and glycolic acid effectively speeds cell turnover to help newer, lighter, fresher-looking skin emerge faster.  Both of these ingredients are part of our exceptionally effect fade cream, Spotlight Skin Lightener.  Why not get started toward brighter, more even-toned skin today during our Buy 1 - Get 1 for 1/2 Price sale?

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Alpha Hydrox anti-wrinkle treatment products contain the maximum safe & effective amounts (10% to 14%) of alpha hydroxy acids (AHAs) at effective pH levels. Much better than expensive department store brands, Alpha Hydrox facial care products are all fragrance-free and a mere fraction of the cost.  If you are looking for skin care that will make you skin appear less lined, wrinkled and just plain tired, while softening, smoothing and evening skin tone,  Alpha Hydrox is for you.

Time-tested, extremely affordable and proven to be effective, you will be amazed at how wonderful your skin can look and feel when you use Alpha Hydrox facial and body care products.