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About Alpha Skin Care


Alpha Skin Care products feature single natural ingredients (AHAs and Retinols) that actually work to improve the function and the appearance of skin. 

The glycolic AHA’s in Alpha Skin Care anti-aging products are natural, non-abrasive exfoliants made from fruit acids, essential to improving the skin’s appearance and health.  Over time, the rate at which dead skin cells are replaced by newer cells begins to slow, resulting in skin that looks tired, dull and rough.  AHA’s help to accelerate the removal of those dead cells while regenerating the deeper layers of skin which allows fresh cells to emerge.  With regular use, AHA’s increase skin’s flexibility; help skin appear less wrinkled, more hydrated and even-toned while boosting collagen levels to promote firmness. It is scientifically proven that alpha hydroxy acids bring back the skin’s radiant, glowing, healthy appearance

Retinols, another name for vitamin A, are highly effective, cell-communicating ingredients that can actually help damaged skin cells return to their normal function.  Retinols provide impressive benefits for the skin, helping to prevent wrinkles, increasing collagen production, and improving discolorations.

Alpha Skin Care AHA Anti-Aging Treatment Products:

  • Contain glycolic Alpha Hydroxy Acid, clinically proven to help prevent & reverse the signs of damaged and aging skin 
  • Are formulated with the ideal percentages of glycolic AHAs at the most effective pH levels to actually rejuvenate skin 
  • Help to improve the appearance of fine lines, wrinkles and creases 
  • Improve skin's tone and refine texture 
  • Help unclog pores 
  • Leave skin looking healthier, clearer, more radiant & youthful
  • Carry a higher cost benefit and offer more value than similar brands

AHAs, particularly glycolic, and retinols are recommended by dermatologists and plastic surgeons throughout the world because they actually improve the skin.

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