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The Alpha Hydrox brand name originated from the principal active ingredient, alpha hydroxy acid, in our treatment products. As our skin care line evolves and grows, the name no longer perfectly fits us. The name Alpha Skin Care™ better represents who we are today as well as where we hope to go in the future. As Alpha Skin Care, we will continue to offer many of the same great products with new names.

Here is a handy guide to the your new Alpha Skin Care products

  • Previous Name
    New Name
  • Foaming Face Wash
    GO Refreshing Face Wash
  • Toner Astringent
    GO Clarifying Toner
  • Enhanced Lotion 10% AHA
    GO Essential Renewal Lotion 10% AHA
  • Enhanced Cream 10% AHA
    GO Essential Renewal Cream 10% AHA
  • Oil Free Formula 10% AHA
    GO Essential Renewal Gel 10% AHA
  • Soufflé 12% AHA
    GO Enhanced Revitalizing Cream 12% AHA
  • Intensive Serum 14% AHA
    GO Intensive Rejuvenating Serum 14% AHA
  • Retinol ResQ
    GO Enhanced Wrinkle Repair Cream .15% Pure Retinol
  • Spot Lighted Targeted Skin Lightener Hydroquinone & 10% AHA
    GO Dual Action Skin Lightener Hydroquinone & 10% AHA
  • Sheer Silk Moisturizer SPF15
    GO Enhanced Facial Moisturizer SPF15
  • Moisturizing Sunscreen SPF30
    GO Moisturizing Facial Sunscreen SPF30
  • -----
    GO Essential Facial Moisturizer
  • -----
    GO Nourishing Eye Cream
  • Silk Wrap Body Lotion 12% AHA
    GO Revitalizing Body Lotion 12% AHA
  • Night Replenishing Cream
  • Moisturizing Body Wash
  • Swipes – 14% AHA