5 Myths About Dandruff & Dandruff Shampoos

Myth 1: Dandruff is caused by a dry scalp.

Those whitish, sometimes yellow flakes of dead skin are hard to miss. But it’s not difficult to mistake a dry scalp (where you may also get some flaking or itching) with one that is afflicted with a fungal infection. Rather than dry skin flaking off, dandruff can be caused by a fungal infection called malassezia fungi. Therefore, remedies that would cure a dry scalp will not necessarily beat the flakes and cure your dandruff if it’s fungal in nature.

Myth 2: Flakes only show up on your scalp.

Sadly, no. Although your scalp usually has the highest concentration of hair follicles over a large area (unless you’re Chewbacca), dandruff can show up any place you produce sebum, which is an oily secretion of the sebaceous gland. Sebum can accumulate anywhere you have hair such as around eyebrows and behind the ears, etc.). Obviously, you’ll want to avoid using dandruff products around your eyes.

Myth 3: All dandruff shampoos are created equal.

There are quite a few options for dandruff shampoos, but you’ll notice some common ingredients pop up in more than once. Salicylic acid is one example - it works as a keratolytic, which is a fancy way of saying that it loosens the proteins that form the structure of skin. This is why it’s featured in our Extra Strength Denorex shampoo. Coal tar is another example of a powerful active ingredient. And it’s got historical precedent. People have been using coal tar for hundreds of years to solve scalp problems. Our Therapeutic Denorex formulation uses a combination of coal tar with menthol. Coal tar fixes the cause of dandruff, and the menthol address the itchy symptoms and feel nice.

Myth 4: You can catch dandruff from someone else.

Dandruff is not a cold or the flu. You can live with someone who has dandruff, kiss someone with dandruff, and hold hands with someone who has it without getting it yourself! So, don’t let those flakes hold you back from your prospective love interest!

Myth 5: One active ingredient to rule them all (the flakes, that is).

Our bodies are amazingly adaptable, and it’s possible for your scalp to become acclimated to a certain active ingredient. Most physicians agree that rotating dandruff shampoos is a great strategy for keeping dandruff under control. Thankfully (and conveniently), our products contain a variety of active ingredients, so you can get everything you need from the Denorex line of products.

So that’s it, folks...we hope you learned something today about dandruff that you didn’t know before!

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