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Alpha Skin helps you get to healthier and younger looking skin faster because our
products are formulated with Glycolic Alpha Hydroxy Acids (AHAs) that help you do just that.
Beautiful skin is healthy skin.

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Customer Reviews

I love it, been using...

I love it, been using it since I was 35, I’m now 63 I love it.
– Roseann Z.

Great cream that brings back youth

This is wonderful cream i have used for years. Leaves your skin feeling smooth and supple as well helps with tiny wrinkles. Not irritating at all. Just love this and the face wash as well.
– Janet H.

Keeping it healthy

I’ve been using Neoteric products for decades now! Renewal Body Lotion 12% has kept my skin healthy. An avid equestrian I spend a lot of time outdoors. All the Neoteric products leave friends shock at my true age, 67. Most think I’m in my 50’s. Neoteric for skin care and excise for the body keeps me as the old saying goes: “healthy, wealthy and wise”
– Mary F.

For the love of your Refreshing Face Wash

I started using the Foaming (as it was called then) face wash many years ago. I had admired the lovely complexion of a co-worker and finally asked her what she was doing. She told me it was Alpha Skin Care and where I could find it. I started using it myself and I was hoping for
success. I am happy to say I was very pleased and received many compliments. I was thrilled, despite a slight name change from foaming to refreshing face, it was still the same great product. I am also happy to report the price was almost the same and compared to most, also
affordable. I am a lot older now and thank you for still having this product available. An avid user, even though I haven’t tried any of your other products I feel they are probably all just as fabulous. Please stay in business forever!!!
– Diane D.

Amazing Results!!!!

Your product has changed my skin from an oily, blotchy mess with enlarged pores to a smooth, refined and even-toned miracle. I am 62 years old, and my friends are all asking me how I keep my skin looking so young! Thank you for your excellent product.
– Eleanor J.

Best skin care ever

Best skin care ever. I have been using it for over 25 years, I love the results especially if use it combine with the whole alpha Hydroxy skin care treatment!
– Marissa Y.