Diabetic Q+A


What is unique about our advanced healing cream?

A patented, clinically proven method combines oxygenated corn oil with other essential vitamins and nutrients to therapeutically treat dry skin, circulatory issues and skin concerns in diabetics, and others with difficult skin conditions.

How does our advanced healing cream work?

It addresses all three critical components of the healing process by increasing circulation, stimulating collagen production and accelerating the rate of new cell growth.

What should you expect from using our advanced healing cream?

Starting with the first application you will feel immediate benefits. Our non-greasy formula glides on easily and absorbs quickly. It restores and protects severely dry, cracked skin, speeds healing of bruises and scrapes and relieves painful itching.

Should advanced healing cream be applied over a puncture wound, infection or laceration?

No, when it comes to puncture wounds, infections or lacerations, we recommend that you consult with your physician.

Is it safe to use our advanced healing cream when trying to become pregnant, when pregnant or nursing?

We believe our product is safe. However, we recommend that you consult with your physician to be sure it is safe based on your situation.