Prell Your Story

“I am 72 years old, have used nothing but Prell for the past 40+ years (it is the ONLY product I use on my hair, except for water), and I am complimented daily on my hair.” - Michael K

“I love Prell! I loved it as a teen in the 70's and I just recently discovered it at Walmart. I was so excited I bought a bottle immediately. I love washing my hair with Prell. I love everything about it, especially that familiar, beautiful green color. My hair and scalp love it too.” - Johnny

“I wanted to write and tell you that I love your shampoo. I'm a redhead and my hair is thick and unruly. I grabbed your product on impulse when I saw it on the store shelf because I am a Mad Men fan and remember when it was mentioned on an episode. My hair has never been softer or prettier! I will continue using Prell and recommend it to everyone! Thank you!” - Crissy

“I have started back using Prell shampoo after trying some other shampoos over the last couple of years. It's amazing how much better I like Prell than those others. I like the fact that it leaves less residue on your scalp than the milky looking shampoos that that are so prevalent nowadays. It also has a cleaner, fresher smell than most of the others.” - Jesse

“My doctor recommended this shampoo many years ago as being one of the few without a lot of harmful chemicals. It is great.” - Dano

“I've used Prell for over 50 years. The ladies have told me that my hair is "so soft and looks so nice." But why I like it is that it works and is not one of those high priced foo foo products.” - Mike

“Prell Shampoo is the only shampoo I use. It has a clean smell to it. It also adds volume to your hair. Please always keep it in stock!!” - Value Shopper

“Just a comment to let you know that I have used your shampoo nearly everyday of my life since 1968. I am 65 years old and I have a FULL head of mostly black hair that still needs to be thinned out by the barber occasionally. Thank you.” - Jim

“I Love Prell Shampoo. I have fine hair and I have tried everything hoping to get some body. I always go back to Prell, nothing works as well. Not only does my hair look, feel and smell clean it adds body to my hair like no other shampoo. I think the added body it gives your hair would be a great marketing angle. I am always afraid I will go to the store one day and Prell will be gone. Don't let that happen.” - Diana W